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Here at Stephen B. Henry’s Content Creation Workshop we know most everyone has heard the phrase Content Is King, but what exactly does that mean. Well, in simple terms it means content is important; very important. But just how important is it?

The right content, the right amount of authoritative content, new content regularly enough, and adding content over a long enough period of time, can be the difference between the success and failure of your online presence. And these days, that can mean success or failure for your whole business!

But how much content is enough? What is good content? Great content? Authoritative content? Where do you get the best ideas for new content? And how do you know if you are writing the right content at all? It can be all so confusing!

Do you need a website or a blog? Or both? What if I’ve never blogged before? And what about social media? Do I need different content for that?  Should you write a book? What about podcasting? There’s so much! It seems like nothing but more overwhelm! Where should I even begin? The good news is you are at the right place, at the right time! Stephen B. Henry’s Content Creation Workshop has got you covered.

Stephen B. Henry's Content Creation Workshop

Create Effective Engaging Content

Stephen B. Henry’s Content Creation Workshop is exactly what you need to excel with your own content creation. Learn what influencers know about great content. You will never be stuck for a blog post idea again. And you will learn how blogging and other content development strategies can be easier and more effective. Learn what the professionals do. Apply it to your own content creation starting today!

It’s been more than a year in the making! The Wiz, known online as the WordPress Wizard, The Web Guy For Coaches, and The Coach’s Coach, together with his team of hard working professionals, have pulled out all the stops to create the best content creation training program available. Whether you are a regular blogger, an experienced content marketer, or just getting started with your own website or blog, the WizardsPlace Content Creation Workshop is for YOU!

The great news is, if you are willing to learn how to overcome the challenges currently in your way, your business will grow significantly as you will attract more visitors, capture more leads, generate more sales, and get a unique edge over your competitors.

Just Why Is That?

Because it is these same challenges that are stopping your competitors from growing a successful presence online too! If they have the problems and you have the solutions, you win. The key is simple. You can beat them by playing the game by the rules. This workshop provides you with those solutions. It just takes action.

Never Run Out Of Fresh Content Creation Ideas Again!

Easy For You To Say!

Well, yes. But it is also easy for you to DO. At least if you know how.

In the complete Stephen B. Henry’s Content Creation Workshop, we will start going over each of the following areas and more, showing you action steps and great strategies you can apply to help you get started writing or blogging about your business successfully. No waiting. You can apply these content creation strategies as you learn.

What Is Stephen B. Henry's Content Creation Workshop Like

This program is served up in easy, bite-sized, lessons — one hundred and twenty of them, to be exact — which take you in manageable, actionable, steps through everything you need know about creating content for websites, blogs, and other online venues — including reports and ebooks — and content product you can sell. The program is designed to take from 90 to 120 days for beginner to intermediate users. The self-directed study format allows you to work at your own speed to finish sooner, or take longer if needed. Access to your instructor, by email, facebook messenger, a private facebook support group, and Zoom live group calls, ensures you can stay on the right track. Ask questions and for help as often as you need.

Here Is A Little Of What You Get

The complete Stephen B. Henry’s Content Creation Workshop is a comprehensive step-by-step training series on web content creation that you can use to to enrich your website or blog, and develop powerful content for courses, trainings, reports, ebooks, videos, podcasts and resale.

If you learn and apply the concepts, strategies, and actionable steps found in this workshop you will never run out of fresh content ideas for your website or blog, to promote your products or services to your list subscribers, or to build up your authority as the go to expert with your target market.

This complete WizardsPlace Content Creation Workshop training series is designed for beginner to intermediate content creators, especially those who work online, and covers the following areas of the content creation process:

  • Creating An Effective And Sustainable Digital Content Strategy
  • Content Writing Concepts And Specific Tips You Can Apply Now
  • Copywriting Principles Used By Professional Writers
  • Website/Blog Content Posting Guidelines You Should Follow
  • What To Write About - How To Never Run Out Of Content Ideas
  • Top Outsourcing Solutions For Your Content Creation Activities
  • Time-Saving Content Strategies That Can Actually Free Up Time
  • 120 Focused Lessons In Four Manageable 30-Lesson Modules
  • Actionable Target Points You Can Apply Immediately
  • Strategies And Plans You Can Implement Over Time
  • Recommended Support Tools And WordPress Plugins That Work
  • Resource Links And Downloads To Support Your Efforts And Growth
  • Insider Bonus Extras To Extend Your Learning Experience
  • Self-Directed Learning - Work At Your Own Speed - Live Help Available
  • Lifetime Access - Return As Often As You Wish For Study And Updates

Alright, What Does It Cost? Where Do I Sign Up?

Your Website Is The Mousetrap - Your Content Is The Cheese!